BAStober Video #1 (The NFT Video)

BAStober Video #1

BAStober #1

The NFT Update

(There have been some updates since in regards to WPY farming not being fully legally compliant. This is being addressed.)
10,000 Player Icon NFTs
Each NFT has 7 possible categories
  • Ape type (Male / Female / Young / Old)
  • Outfit layer
  • Head layer
  • Bottom Facial
  • Upper Facial
  • Ear
  • Background
Randomness is determined by Chainlink VRF at time of minting
Gamester Apes will cost .33 BNB to mint (this is the current expected price, but still may be changed)
Attributes have been coded into the actual NFT. This will allow the isolation of particular pieces of data for different reasons. An example would be an event or competition that favored NFTs with earrings.