BAStober Video #2 (The Champions Video)

BAStober Video #2

BAStober #2

The Champions Update

(There have been some updates since in regards to WPY farming not being fully legally compliant. This is being addressed.)
One of the main goals of BAS was to create an ecosystem or metaverse that allows NFTs to have some sort of utility.
Announcement of Champion Model
Similar to Axie Infinity’s scholar model, Champion model will allow people with illiquid assets to lease them out to others who may not have as much money. This will bring in a wider variety of investors to our platform, including those who may not have much to spend, while involving all in a system that is beneficial for everybody.
This will allow a Gamester Ape holder who may want to enter farms, but maybe not play the game, you can delegate the rights to play on your behalf to someone else, which in turn will earn a small amount of cut from the profits of the farming period. Owning more NFTs, will allow users to delegate more champions earning a profit for you.
Selecting champions will be based on proven results from the grind to earn model and ranked play. You will be able to recruit the players of your choosing to form your team.
Marketing for Gamester Apes is going to be large, along with providing a referral system. Anyone referring people to the NFT collection will be rewarded with $10 for every successful NFT purchase. Ambassador program targets Play to Earn countries to get them onboard and into our gaming ecosystem.
100 NFTs set aside for competitions and giveaways
Battle Mode is getting a complete facelift. Announced we are working with a new game studio. Game is moving more of a Double A game model in terms of quality, budget and implementation. Expecting Battle Mode to be more polished than what has been shown in Public Alpha.
If Battle Mode is successful, we will build out diverse modes and models that use this foundation and provide different mechanisms to provide a rich opportunity to play head to head modes.
Farming APY is slowly being increased in order to be attractive to new investors and we have enough liquidity to sustain us for quite some time.
Guilds were mentioned. Allow groups of players to pool resources to farm in different ways, and use different strategies.