BAStober Video #3 (The Merchandise Video)

BAStober Video #3

BAStober #3

The Merchandise Update

Matthew recapped last video. NFT collection specifics, actions and utility in gamified yield farming model as well as the champion model and the increase in farming APY.
We are working with a new game studio to help us get up to speed with existing game modes. Finalizing timelines and deliverables this week that line up with the beta we are looking to launch.
Beta integrates web3 and allows our gamified yield model.
Gamers will be paid per game they play during beta and providing feedback. Applies to those who do and do not have Gamester NFTs. Holders of NFTs will be able to earn BAS at a quicker rate than those who don’t.
Model is based on upgradable and augmentable NFTS that integrate into the game modes and provide a diverse way of earning and interacting with ecosystem.
Few things need to be polished in regards to mechanics to make it balanced and target out goals, which is that we are looking to provide an average of $10 a day, which falls in line with other play to earn games out there.


Hats need new logo added
QR Code will be added to the hat that will link to game
Hoodies and shirts will have QR code as well
T-Shirts will be worked on for a better material
There will be some customized QR codes for streamers, influencers and content creators.
Other branded merchandise is possible and planned for down the line
Site will be updated when merchandise is ready for sale, and there will be competitions to win some.