BAStober Video #5 (The Game Development Video)

BAStober Video #5

BAStober #5

The Game Development Update

Matthew addressed that the original game studio unfortunately did not meet the expectations for the alpha version of the game, let alone the beta version.
BAS has brought on a very experienced Unity developer, with over 20 years experience in game development to bolster direction, the structure, the support and to help move us forward with this process. Has worked on EA games, Star Wars and the Spyro franchise. We welcome Daniel Krenn to the team.
Daniel has conducted a full review of the code of the existing game. There were some structural challenges to be overcome, which explains why during the alpha phase, there were buggy features and somewhat erratic. Daniel has completely rebuilt the foundation already.
The new code is a modular code base, which goes a long way to aid us in spring-boarding new games and modes into the ecosystem.
We are now working with a new game studio, one that has produced AAA game titles, to build out a minimum, livable product for the beta, with iterations, features and functions to be added on top of it as we progress.
First mode to be built will be battle mode followed by tournament mode and various other modes. Game studio is currently working with Daniel and beta is expected early December. Contract is expected to be signed early this week, with a formal announcement of the game studio to follow.
The budget to spend is 10 times higher than originally forecast to bring us to market, which will bring a more immersive and in-depth gaming experience. Full game is now expected to be in line with a AA title.
BAS is the first component in our Earniverse. We are also working towards a tower defense style game with this studio, along with one of the game providers we are working with who is currently working on a Clash Royale version that will be NFTified and Earniversified.
Looking to build a gaming world where all these games come together, with the upgradable, augmentable NFT sets that can provide access to different parts of the Earniverse. Certain NFT sets will allow access to certain parts of these games.

Shitcoin adventures!

Those with potentially large bags of specific tokens, will be able to enter a sort of instance based adventure to utilize certain skills or techniques within that Earniverse in order to have very unique or specific earning adventures.
Team is focused on working with only the best. Game development is being heavily invested in.
Announcing game studio is hopeful for BAStober video 7 unless contract comes sooner.