BAStober Video #6 (The Marketing Video)

BAStober Video #6

BAStober #6

The Marketing Update

Marketing in crypto changes pretty quickly. For example, in March Twitter was the place for all the information one could need. This changed to Telegram and now YouTube.
Marketing team has been working toward positioning all of our youtube and twitch streamer partners to focus on the Beta, which due to the need to switch gaming studios, led to a bit of a delay. The strategy has not changed with the delay. However, we do have additional strategies we will begin to roll out over the next few months.
First is a very large campaign marketing our NFTs. Second will be marketing both token and the game.
On top of Crypto Knights, NFT Culture and additional influencers, we will be working with 2 very reputable crypto marketing agencies who have been working with some of the larger crypto projects and have a proven track record. They will aid in the NFT release marketing to ensure a fast sell out. This is our number 1 priority.
Expanding the holders is number 2 priority.
Money from NFTS will be portioned off for additional marketing and additional game development. This additional marketing will position us to hit the holder number we are looking for and help with additional social media presence and engagement.
Timeline, realistically we have 3 weeks to roll out marketing for NFTs, after that we move on to game and token marketing to help move the market cap in a positive direction.
Matt lists our partnered youtubers, twitch streamers and influencers. Such as Garrett from Mr. Beast, Zuel Jin, On Chain and others. Marketing agencies, which are not named, will aid in ensuring we are marketing according to the areas that are most trending in crypto for best possible ROI (return on investment).
Marketing agencies came about once the concept became more fleshed out, as investing in marketing for a product you don’t have yet is nothing more than a hype cycle, and brings in the type of audience, or investors that we are not looking for. We hope to attract players, nft collectors, long term investors or people who see the long term prospects of the project. We are not looking for quick profit type of people.
Marketing comes in 3 components. Initial marketing for NFTs. Followed by marketing for the game and the token, and once the Beta is released, that is when everything comes together and all the influencers, as well as agencies go full force.
Team has all become more comfortable spending more for advertising and marketing, as all are very excited for the next few months of growth.