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BAStober Video #7 (The Metaverse and Earniverse Video)
BAStober Video #7

BAStober Video #7

The Metaverse and Earniverse Update

Matt briefly covered and explained the rebranding of Facebook to Meta
The “Metaverse”, as defined by Meta, is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you. Many of these spaces will be realized within the next 10-15 years.
It is pointed out that the metaverse will not be one thing, but a conceptual collection of open worlds and settings joined by interoperable assets and experiences. -Decypt 10/28/21 This is describing essentially what BAS has been building.
A commitment to the principles of decentralization was given by Matt. User privacy and data sovereignty are important things to the BAS team. Whatever we are going to be building, with whomever that will be with, it will be in a manner to protect users and to ensure everyone is in control of their rights, data and identity information.
Vision for Earniverse: Essentially earniverse we are building and working toward with an open world that connects dozens of games together. This allows special utility tokens to be earned and exchanged for items that may be required in certain games in order to perform specific functions, such as upgrades or augmenting NFT utility tokens together.
BAS is a token required to buy specific items in order to harvest or create these special type of utility items or buy LB tokens for minting.
With these earned tokens, some can only be earned in larger amounts in certain games. Upgrades may be in one game, but in order to get the parts from the marketplace, the token may be available in higher amounts in another game. This creates a demand across several games, as well as trends for special parts, components and upgrades.
The formation of guilds to gather various resources and groups for strategies helps to build community and caters to group based encounters and events, as well as competitions for different reward structures.
BAS aims to build something highly inclusive to cater different models to as many types of investors as possible. From persons with different spend limits, time commitments and general approaches to different mindsets for strategy and earnings.
BAS will be combining utility from slottable NFTs that can be combined to form sets, that basically form access passes to different game modes, functions and abilities. One example would be a set bonus that gives you an ability to earn a lot of specific tokens in a game mode that can potentially be put onto the marketplace for others who need said tokens for their own upgrade or augment needs.
Each utility set will have its own features, upgradability and upgrade requirements.
Specific attributes will trend as the Earniverse expands based on various models and events.
This Metaverse will contribute to creating more meaningful experiences out of their online time.
Earniverse is essentially a concept leveraging the metaverse allowing people to capitalize on the combined efforts of community goals, aims and strategies, with fractional earning potential based on labors, investment and involvement.
BAS has a really clear idea about what the inclusion model is, and what the capitalization strategy is to create an economy the scale that leverages that metaverse. The team expects the metaverse to expand rather quickly.
Q1 and Q2 of 2022, expansion of utility and options for our players and investors is expected.