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BAStober Video #8 (The Game Studio Video)
BAStober Video #8

BAStober Video #8

The Game Studio Update

Game studio has accepted terms of contract and a contract has been signed by both parties Game studio is protective of their brand and the contract stipulates the need for permission for a press release. This cannot be done until the game is playable and interactive with the Gamesters, which will be the beta. Until then, we cannot publicly announce the name of the studio.
About the studio Has been in business for over 20 years Shipped over 44 titles worldwide, selling millions of copies for console and PC Have worked with Microsoft, Vivendi Universal, Konami Digital Entertainment, Electronic Arts (EA), Activision, LucasArts, Disney Interactive.
Community can feel free to speculate, but no one from BAS can confirm.
Matt has full access to the various builds to see how the game is progressing and to test
Community is then shown the current state of the BAS game. Camera has entirely changed from alpha phase, with a more intimate feel. Apes are now animated. Artwork shown is all temporary and will be fancified as development progresses.
Wilds and Alpha power moves have been added. Winning/losing animations have been added.
Power moves override and win against the core moves, (rock, paper, scissors) Wilds act as winning move. Alpha is equal to an auto-win. 5 Wilds each round and a maximum of 3 Alphas. Each Round consists of Jungle, Forrest and River phases.
Delivery board was highlighted and explained. Matt reiterated how many assets are still being updated on a daily basis and confirmed we are on pace to reach expected deadlines.