BAStober Video #9 (The Binance Incubation and IBM Video)

BAStober Video #9

BAStober Video #9

The Binance Incubation and IBM Update

Binance Labs Incubation Progam

The Binance Labs Incubation Program application process is discussed. Starting in July, a Google Forms application for the Fall 2021 supplied by Binance was filled out, to provide company details, goals and objectives as well as a video detailing what your project is all about and what the aim for the project is.
After about a month, on August 17, a formal interview was set up in which 5 members of Binance spoke to Matthew in regards to topics such as the project, the team, progress made toward reaching what is being built. Following this meeting, Binance continued to reduce their list of potential projects to make it into the program.
On September 11, we were asked to complete an information sheet. This sheet exhaustively detailed every facet of BAS and the team, and led to the completion of a 30 page, 5,000 word behemoth of data on our ecosystem and business models. Two days later, founders were invited to the Bas/Binance labs telegram chat for further discussions. After a month of discussion back and forth, on October 12, Block Ape Scissors was accepted into the Binance Labs incubation program
Binance Incubation program is the most prestigious accelerator in crypto that exists. Out of all of the applicants, we were one of only nine projects selected. Original hopes for entering the program were for exposure that would lead to user adoption. However after only a week, the team has realized this opportunity is much, much bigger than anticipated.
Binance Labs serve whatever needs your project has to lead towards commercialization. Aspects covering marketing, legal, compliance, connections, mentors, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), guidance, fundraising, technical expertise are all available and crucial help for a projects long term and sustained future in crypto. This allows us to scale towards the intended vision with guidance and structure, as well as experience we would not else have access too.
Go to market strategies discussions were touched on, specifically how to approach markets such as China, Korea, Vietnam and Turkey. Incubation program helps to cut through red tape and bureaucracy projects may face as they try to get from point A to point B. Binance recently helped organize KOL connections, regional support, different agencies in China to look at content creation and connections to mainstream media. The beginnings of this can be seen as nearly 4,000 of our Gamesters were purchased quite rapidly by the Chinese market. Over the course of next few months, we will be targeting China, Korea, Vietnam and Turkey aggressively.

IBM Partnership Update

As more companies begin to dabble in the metaverse space, a spotlight has been shone on BAS and has allowed communication with those further up the chain at IBM about what it is we are actually doing.
In recent meetings, IBM demonstrated new tech that has been built in their research labs and want to work with BAS to pioneer a proof of concept. The technology is a hybrid of hot and cold wallet which is interchangeable with enterprise security and custody. When discussing ways to implement this technology, one of the ideas was to potentially create our own Metaverse Wallet that has cold storage attached to it with enterprise custody. The idea is most people either use TrustWallet or Metamask that while great for transactions, they are lacking in user experience and features and functions needed for proper metaverse usage. We will be working with IBM on potential avenues in and around this.
Block Ape Scissors has the go ahead to use this technology and Matt asks the community, Do You Want Us To Build a Metaverse Wallet? We are lucky to have an amazing UX designer joining the team that specializes in designing interfaces. This would be a co-branded Block Ape Scissors/IBM solution model and solution stack. Similar to Metamask, but built completely for the metaverse and games.
Within the next week and a half to two weeks IBM will be hosting us on a Webex / webinar type panel and early next year Matt will be on a Bloomberg panel with IBM talking about metaverse and play to earn.