Ecosystem and Tribe FAQ

Ecosystem and Tribe FAQs

1) Whose Ape Characters will Champions use? (Will get even more details on this soon) a) If only the Gamester holders Ape Character, does that Ape level up while the Champion is using it? b) If it's a Champion, will they level up their own Ape, while Championing someone else’s Gamester? c) If both, who decides which one will be used?
Characters are levelled up using earned currency tokens (bananas) - so both Gamester and Champion will have the option based on the earnings
2) For creating a tribe is it 5 different players, accounts/wallets?
Still need to plan out the full game theory of them
3) When founding a tribe, are the 5 pieces of the Kingpin set donated permanently to the tribe?
4) If a founding member leaves a tribe, can they take their set piece back? If so, what happens to a tribe that loses members with the pieces?
5) Are councils only 5 people? If so, if an Alpha gets challenged, one will die and leave 4 out of the 5 required classes. What does this mean for the Tribe?
6) If an Alpha dies, does he/she as a player lose his spot on the council if he/she does not have another max level Ape character?
3 - 6) = Also for the formation of tribes, the concept is there however iteration will occur
7) How will challenges work? How will Alpha challenges take place in-game if people are not in the same time-zone? (Can an Alpha just ignore challenges?)
Challenges freeze the financial incentives tied to being an alpha, so until they accept the challenge and fight it out their earning ability is frozen
8) Will there be a forfeit option for Alphas/Kingpins that know they probably won't win or want to risk a fight.
No, there is no forfeit option. The game theory of being an Alpha/Kingpin means you are putting your ape at stake in order to earn and lead the tribe.
9) Will there be an in-game chat feature for “Tribe Chat”, and even a whole “Jungle Chat” (everyone in the game) for finding Tribe members?
We will have social channels for tribes, including DAO-like management portals
10) Can you individually loan out NFTs as well as having different one in the tribe?
11) Do all 5 of the people who have the Kingpin set need to also have the required pieces for the Banker, Prospector etc, or do other community members who may have them count towards tribe completion?
12) Would having other set pieces seat those people within the council?
13) Can non-alphas be removed from tribe? (kicked)
10 - 13) Tribe ownership and commitment will be defined more as we move forward on modelling them, but yea there will be alternative NFT lending partners with which There is discussion about NFT leasing modes. Tribe creation will be a complex thing requiring a lot of resources, it won't be easy!
14) Can you simply elect a scholar by bnb address or does it have to be a champion in the system?
Yes you can elect a Champion by bnb address, however the thing to note is that if the Champion has already been staked, you won't be able to make him a Champion - Its a 1 to 1 mapping, if someone has already turned an address into a champion you can't put another NFT to that address name
15) If you move NFTs to different wallets are you allowed to play multiple accounts?
Yes you can play multiple accounts, makes more sense to just stake your NFTs to champion different wallets you own though, but there isn't much benefit (for gamesters)
16) Do the champions need bnb in their wallets to pay for transaction fees?
Champions will need a tiny bit of bnb to initially withdraw. We may integrate a small faucet mechanic to top up gas for staked champions
17) Will there be banning of accounts using the same ip, for example 3 accounts on 3 devices being played by different people?
IP banning is a tricky thing. We will face that down the line as we don't want to offer easy avenues for people to cheat the game. However we expect that due to the difficulty and time taken to earn it won't be possible to game the system so easily.