BAS (Chaos Mode)

Chaos Mode is the third mode within the BAS game. Chaos mode is a twist on the classic mode and is still in an early phase as in the coming weeks the mechanics will evolve a bit. We wanted to provide the community an opportunity to test it out in its current state and use feedback to make appropriate changes.

So What is Different?

Chaos mode brings the following mechanics:
Randomized round modifiers: At the start of a round, the player is randomly assigned a modifier that allows him/her to earn alphas or wilds based upon the move they pick and the outcome. Sometimes the Wild and the Alpha are earned through winning an exchange, sometimes they are earned through losing the exchange.

The modifiers are:

  • Win with Scissors, gain a Wild
  • Win with Rock, gain a Wild
  • Win with Paper, gain a Wild
  • Lose with Scissors, gain an Alpha
  • Lose with Rock, gain an Alpha
  • Lose with Paper, gain an Alpha
Wild steals Alpha: Same as in the recently released God Mode, playing Wild when the other player plays an Alpha results in the player winning the round and stealing the Alpha.