BAS (Classic Mode )

What is the format of Block Ape Scissors?

  • Each game or match will consist of up to 5 rounds and potentially a tiebreaker
  • The first player to win 3 rounds is the winner
  • If the rounds are drawn after the 5th round then a sudden-death tiebreaker will be played - where the first person to win a move during this phase is the winner of the game.
  • Each round will consist of 3 different phases; Jungle, Forest and River.

What are the 3 Phases?

In the Jungle phase, a player will choose their first 3 moves. After both players have chosen their 3 moves, the score from that phase is recorded. In the next phase, the Forest phase, players only choose 1 move each, and then the score is recorded. Finally, the River phase will allow a single move for each player as well. Scores are added up for all 3 phases and the person with the highest score wins.

What are Core Moves?

Rock - Wins against scissors, loses against paper Paper - Wins against rock, loses against scissors Scissors - Wins against paper, loses against rock

What are Power Moves?

Wild - Tie against any of the core moves, loses against Alpha Alpha - The king move, it wins against all other moves and will tie against another Alpha