Gamester and Genesis Mint NFT FAQ

What is a Gamester NFT?

A Gamester NFT is the innovative utility NFT created by the Block Ape Scissors (BAS) team for the BAS ecosystem.
While NFT art can be damn good, it is important that these NFTs have more functionality than just looking good. In approaching this dilemma, the BAS team decided that the attributes and rarity of the NFT would be an important factor in the BAS ecosystem.
There will only ever be 10,000 Gamester NFTs minted.
Gamester NFT contract address: 0x4bd2a30435e6624CcDee4C60229250A84a2E4cD6 Gamester NFT mint date: 12 November 2021 Gamester Collection on PancakeSwap:

History of Gamester NFTs

The 10,000 Gamester NFTs were minted in two stages on 12 November 2021, for our early contributors and active community members, there was a private whitelist minting released 3 hours before the public minting. Each wallet that participated in the minting was limited to 10 NFTs, to allow for a fair distribution.
The minting was a stunning success with all 10,000 NFTs minted within 12 hours.
Whitelisted community members received the pink Gamester role within the BAS Discord server.

What advantages does a Gamester NFT have?

The Gamester NFTs has utility within the BAS ecosystem, some of this will relate to the rarity of the Gamester NFT, or the attributes. These attributes are targetable by smart contracts which can be leveraged as in-game bonus for a certain period - such as blunt/joint Gamester NFTs receiving a bonus on 20 April (420) or male / female Gamesters receiving a bonus for fathers or mothers day as an example.
Gamester NFTs are your lifetime ticket to all BAS betas.

Do Gamester NFTs boost the Ape within a game?

More details to follow shortly!

PancakeSwap marketplace (and other markets)

On Friday, 10 December 2021, BAS partnered with PancakeSwap (PCS) to list the Gamester NFTs as the Official Gamester NFT Marketplace. In the first month alone, the Gamester NFTs has seen a trade volume of over 1,000 BNB worth of NFTs. This amazing demand has seen the Gamester NFTs rise to top 4 on PancakeSwap in rapid time - we’re coming knocking for that top position.

Rarity and attributes - Where to check this information?

When the 10,000 Gamester NFTs were minted, each attribute was randomly assigned to NFTs. The Gamester NFTs have 7 attributes as follows; Gender Background Body Upper Lower Head Ear
Each of these attributes have numerous values that were assigned at minting, male or female, gunslinger sideburns, blue beanie, etc. Attributes for Gamester NFTs are immutable and cannot be changed.
The rarity coefficient of the Gamester NFTs is a measure of how far away they are from the ‘mean’ attributes, the most common attributes. The higher the rarity coefficient, then the higher the rarity of the Gamester NFT. Rarity coefficient will be between 0 and 1.
Gamester NFT rarity, and attributes can be viewed at the NFT DAPP (

How will they be used in game?

Genesis mint (How?! What?! Explain)

The Genesis minting is the creation of the first, genesis, Apes for in-game use within the BAS ecosystem. These first apes will be able to gain experience and levels, upgrade, breed, and equip items.
The Gamester NFTs will be required for Genesis minting, with the Gamester NFT only being able to mint a set amount of times for Genesis - even if the Gamester NFT is sold, the Genesis Ape minting status will be retained. The minting status can be viewed on the NFT DAPP.
Genesis minting is due for release in Q1 2022.
Genesis Apes will be the introduction of the upgradable, augmentable, tradable Character APE NFTs that will act as your in-game avatar which can be equipped with NFT items and accessories.
Will in-game NFTs (Apes, Sets, Items, etc.) be tradeable on the BAS NFT Marketplace? Yes. All of these will be tradable on the Marketplace.
What more is to come? The dev team spent months ensuring the Gamesters will be among some of the most versatile NFTs on the market, with all attributes coded directly onto the chain, which in turn makes them targetable by smart contracts. Expect an update soon on the additional utility these Gamesters will add to the BAS earniverse.
While Gamester NFTs will not be able to breed, the Apes, starting with the Genesis Apes, will be able to breed in the BAS ecosystem.

How to burn your NFT

(You shouldn’t do this… but 4 people have) Not joking, it has happened 4 times already. There is no mechanism in place to recover NFTs that have been sent to the contract address!

BSCscan Escrow process (PCS, beta/full game)

When you’re interacting with a smart contract, whether to play the BAS beta, or to sell your NFT on PancakeSwap, you can expect the NFT to be transferred into an escrow wallet. These escrow wallets hold the NFT until it is allowed to be released.
For the BAS beta the deposited NFT can only be withdrawn by the wallet that deposited it.
BAS Beta Escrow: 0xc6057D7406Bb40C1642aa803c1EBeaaf981bbEd5 [BSC Scan] PancakeSwap Escrow: 0x17539cca21c7933df5c980172d22659b8c345c5a [BSCscan]