How To Stake Your BAS Tokens (currently unavailable)

Monthly Staking is Currently Unavailable

How To Stake
(This guide assumes you have already purchased BAS and have tokens in your wallet.)
Staking pools are locked for 1 month intervals, in which no one can contribute or withdraw during those time periods.
So you’ve decided it is time to put the tokens just sitting in your wallet to work for you, but you may not know how. Staking (and farming) is relatively easy to begin.
First, head over to and navigate to the FARMS tab. (On top on PC, In the menu in the center top on phones)
You will be prompted to connect your wallet using metamask. (Further functionality with TrustWallet on mobile devices will be incorporated later).
Located on top will be the options for Farming or Staking, select Staking.
At this point, you will be able to find the return rate listed as the MPR (monthly percentage rate), your balance of tokens in your wallet, and the amount you currently have staked. Enter in the amount of BAS tokens you would like to stake and then hit the stake button. If you would like to stake all available tokens, select Max.
Accept prompts for transactions on Metamask. In a few moments the amount of staked tokens will reflect what you have staked, and the pending in the bottom will represent the amount of tokens you will earn at the end of the staking period. Remember, staking is locked for 1 month. Anything you deposit cannot be withdrawn until the staking pools open again. This is how (and to ensure) that an accurate portrayal of rewards can be maintained.
Congratulations, you have successfully staked your tokens!