How to Buy BAS

(Pancake Swap can be slow sometimes. If you enter the contract address and nothing loads, please click here)

Metamask users with BNB already can click here to find PancakeSwap steps or here to purchase on Flooz

To Acquire BNB

Go to Google Play or Apple Store and download Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet (TrustWallet)
Open the TrustWallet app and select “Create a new wallet”
At the next screen you will be shown your recovery phrase, which are 12 words. WRITE THESE DOWN in the correct order and put them somewhere safe. You will need these if you ever need to restore your account.
Locate BNB Smartchain (logo will be black) and click Buy SmartChain
Complete your transaction and your newly acquired SmartChain will be displayed in your Trust Wallet “Tokens” tab.
Now that you have acquired some SmartChain, you can now purchase some BAS tokens.
Head over to and open menu at top of screen
Click the BUY button to head over to PancakeSwap

Connecting TrustWallet to PancakeSwap

At this point, you will be directed to connect your wallet. This can be achieved by selecting Wallet Connect and then selecting Trust.

Using Pancake Swap (MetaMask or TrustWallet)

At the next screen, there is a good chance you will need to search for the token via the option “Select a currency”
At the Select a Token screen, in the search bar, enter the contract address below.


You will see BAS pop up on your screen. Just click it to add it as the currency you wish to purchase.
Now, you can use some of that new SmartChain to purchase as much BAS as you want, so enter the amount of BNB at the top. At the bottom, you will see how many BAS you will receive for the BNB you are using.
One of the final important steps is to properly set the slippage to 6% via the gear icon at the top right of the Exchange menus.
Final steps are to click Swap at the bottom, then Confirm Swap on the next page. And finally, confirm the Smart Contract Call.


Connect Wallet
Connect you BSC wallet at the top right
Purchase BAS tokens.

Guide on How to add BAS tokens to MetaMask and TrustWallet: here