Block Ape Scissors Partners with Trustswap (August 19, 2021)

We are delighted to announce a collaborative partnership with Trustswap, establishing a mutually beneficial long term relationship between ecosystems.
Trustswap is market-leading pioneer of innovative mechanisms in minting, escrow, liquidity locking and trustless swapping technology. Lowering the barriers for teams and allowing them take advantage of secure protocols with minimal code.
This strategic partnership fits into the parent model for providing vetted projects as qualified leads to IBM the potential access to the Trustswap launchpad service for funding and exposure.
Trustswap is on the verge of releasing their NFT marketplace, which features lower fees, discounts and staking benefits to their holders from NFT revenues. BAS NFT’s will be featured for swaps directly through the Trustswap platform, embedded within the BAS ecosystem for direct access and ease of use. In addition, we plan to integrate their VISA and Fiat connectivity services for direct user onboarding to the BAS ecosystem.
Block Ape Scissors and Trustswap will work together on strategies and techniques for cross-promotion of ecosystems, products and services, whilst engaging in cross-team collaboration for best practices and approaches for innovation through this collaborative partnership.
We look forward to working with Trustswap to bring our community the best and highest grade services and products crypto has yet to imagine.
Ape. Stronger. Together.