Start date: December 16, 2021 8am UTC Tokens to be distributed: 1.5 Million BAS

Rewards are distributed daily at 12 noon UTC. Head to to claim your rewards daily

Reward Structure:
5 Games -> 5 BAS (2.5 BAS for owner, 2.5 BAS for champion) Survey 1 will be sent at this threshold 15 Games -> 10 BAS (5 BAS for owner, 5 BAS for champion) Survey 2 will be sent at this threshold 50 Games -> 15 BAS (7.5 BAS for owner, 7.5 BAS for champion) Survey 3 will be sent at this threshold 150 Games -> 50 BAS (25 BAS for owner, 25 BAS for champion) Survey 4 will be sent at this threshold 500 Games -> 220 BAS (110 BAS for owner, 110 BAS for champion) Survey 5 will be sent at this threshold
There is a total of 300 BAS to be won per player. If the player owns the NFT they will receive 100% of the total If they are being championed then its a 50/50 split with their champion
Max earnings: Every wallet assigned to an NFT can play until they reach survey 5, which is a minimum of 500 games. Once all surveys have been completed for a particular wallet address and all rewards have been claimed, that NFT can be reassigned to another wallet address to begin to earn again. (Do not remove any NFTs from the farm until after 12 noon UTC daily, as anything earned in between payouts will be lost)
Survey 1-4 are short answer surveys that are automatically approved while survey 5 requires a longer response of 800 characters and approval from the BAS developers before being rewarded.


How to participate: Beta is open to everyone How to earn during Beta: Own a Gamester Ape or be hired as a Champion Where to play: Where to assign and track Champions:
Where to purchase Gamester Ape: Purchase Gamester on PancakeSwap Where to be hired as a Champion: Note: Wallets can only be assigned to 1 NFT at a time.
You can read the latest updates for BAS BETA v1.0 in the medium article -
What does it mean to be a Champion? For those who do not own a Gamester Ape NFT, becoming a Champion for someone means that a Gamester Ape owner can lease you their NFT for you to earn on their behalf. Any earnings will be split 50/50 between the Champion and NFT owner.
How to assign champions: Dapp Guide
Do I need to assign myself my own Gamester to play? Yes, every Gamester to be used in the ecosystem needs to be assigned through the dapp. In essence you are acting as your own Champion.
Do I need to transfer my Gamester to my Champion? NO! You never transfer the Gamester from your wallet to your Champions wallet. However, when you assign the Gamester to your Champion, that Gamester leaves your wallet and enters an escrow system from an in house smart contract that has been designed. You are basically depositing the NFT into a farm with the associated champion wallet, a farm that only YOU can withdraw the NFT from. Champions have no ownership of NFT deposited.
Can I remove someone as my Champion? Yes. At any time the owner of a Gamester can withdraw it from the farm.
Is the beta going to be on mobile devices? No, the plan for the beta is to be strictly browser only.
What language should feedback be in? Feedback can be submitted in native languages, just as long as it is specified which language it is written it at the start of the survey

BETA Rewards

My wallet was rewarded for 5 surveys before this BAS Beta v1.0, will it be reset to allow earning again? Yes, your wallet will be reset and you can continue earning rewards. How many times can my wallet earn rewards, per wallet? Upon completion of 500 games, wallet can be reset 1 time
What is this 2.5 minute (150 seconds) timer? To reduce botting and speed running of the beta to encourage good feedback, you will now be required to have 2.5 minutes between ending games. If two games are finished within that 2.5 minutes, one will not count.
If I am waiting on survey 5 approval, can I continue to answer surveys and earn rewards? No, earning is halted when survey 5 is pending.
What happens if I am rejected for survey 5 feedback? If your survey 5 is rejected then that wallet is no longer available to earn rewards.
What happens if I remove the Gamester NFT from the Champion? Depending on the stage you disconnect your Gamester NFT
  • Before daily rewards (all surveys are approved) - No BAS will be rewarded.
  • Before survey 5 has been approved - BAS that is pending until that point will be transferred, no further BAS will be transferred to Champion or Owner.
  • After daily rewards (all BETA BAS rewards are in Pending BAS) - BAS will be transferred to the owner and Champions’ wallets.
Do I need to pay gas fees? Every transaction with the smart chain incurs gas fees. Each time you deposit or remove a Gamester NFT or collect rewards. The gas fee will be in BNB as it is on the Binance Smart Chain and a small amount of BNB is required in your wallet. ~USD$0.13 per transaction
Is there a token tax? There is no tax associated with the BAS token that is rewarded during the BETA. Any other transactions - sales, transfers or buys will incur a 5% tax.

Game Performance

How to ensure WebGl and hardware acceleration are turned on:
How to clear cookies and cache Chrome Brave Firefox Opera Edge

Basic Rules of Block Ape Scissors

What is the format of Block Ape Scissors?
  • Each game or match will consist of up to 5 rounds and potentially a tiebreaker
  • The first player to win 3 rounds is the winner
  • If the rounds are drawn after the 5th round then a sudden-death tiebreaker will be played - where the first person to win a move during this phase is the winner of the game.
  • Each round will consist of 3 different phases; Jungle, Forest and River.
The Three Phases, Explained
In the Jungle phase, a player will choose their first 3 moves. After both players have chosen their 3 moves, the score from that phase is recorded. In the next phase, the Forest phase, players only choose 1 move each, and then the score is recorded. Finally, the River phase will allow a single move for each player as well. Scores are added up for all 3 phases and the person with the highest score wins.

Core moves (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Rock - Wins against scissors, loses against paper Paper - Wins against rock, loses against scissors Scissors - Wins against paper, loses against rock

Power Moves

Wild - The wild will tie against any of the core moves, loses against alpha Alpha - The king move, it wins against all other moves and will tie against another alpha